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Fuji Xerox Color 1000 Press ChamonixFuji Xerox Color 1000 Press

Fuji Xerox Color 1000 Press Chamonix

Durst Lambdaarticle

Lambda Print, is the silver halide imaging. Highest visual quality, long light fastness and archival by Kodak Endura materials...

Giclee Printarticle

The fine arts reproduction or limited edition printing. The concern from digital scan / capture to archive printing ...

Sigma Scannerarticle

Apart from drum scanner, the Durst Sigma Scanner is highest quality and highest scanning speed. This is the state-of-the art technology from analog to digital.

Dip & Dunk Processorarticle

What is Dip and Dunk? How it's work ? Why IQ LAB using the Dip and Dunk machine for both color slide (E6 process) and color negative film (C-41 process) ...

Drum Processorarticle

Black and White negative films are variation in developing time. The drum processor is the best choice to develop B&W negative ...

Hostert-Pro Paper Processorarticle

The Roller Transport Paper Processor for Kodak Endura Pape / Kodak Probrilliant Paper, RA4 process. Consistency machine from Germany ..

Low Solvent Outdoor Inkjetarticle

The high quality Solvent Inkjet Printer OCE CS9090 from Natherland. IQ LAB use only genuine ink, not like other many of China printers, so the quality is best and high resolution..

HP Designjetarticle

The traditional dye base (water-base) inkjet. Many of materials prined by IQ LAB such as PVS sticker, PP Paper, and even clear film, only genuine ink are used by IQ LAB ... 

Hasselblad H3DII-39article

The reproduction quality capture. Many of Giclee Prints needed the reproduction lens. And sophisticate siftware DAC - Digital Achromatic Correction to correct the distortion..

HP Indigoarticle

The leading on-demand-printing is HP Indigo Digital Offset, especially the Photobooks, Photo Album. Not like any other EP ( Electro Photography ) printer..


Another printing choice of variety media and substrate, UV curable inkjet from Zund 215-Plus Switzerland. Print to any materials from roll-to-roll and rigid substrate such as Glass, Wood, Poly Carbonate and etc..   

Fuji Frontierarticle

Year 2000 was the Digital Era and the Fuji Film Frontier is the flagship minilab. IQ LAB install upmost the first and follow by the secind unit few months later.. 


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