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Film Develop new price list as of 1st June 2016
We Develop all format of Black & White Negative Films

Color Negatice Film C41 stop service from 13rd January 2017

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Film Developarticle

Slide transparency Film, Slide Film on E6 process, Color Negative Film on C41 process, Black and White Film from APS ( Advance Photo Systems ) format, 110, 135, 120, up to 4x5 and 8x10 sheet film format. IQ LAB is one of South East Asia Photo Lab still using dip-and-dunk machine process slide films, color negative films and B&W film.

Printing - photographic paper

Lambda Print on photographic paper. The highest quality digital printing for retail graphic and display market. The photographic archived materials Kodak Endura serve hundred years lasting.

Scanning and Digital Capturearticle

The high quality scanner Durst Sigma from Durst phototechnik AG - Italy ( ) produce the high resolution and speedy for and type and size of film scan. From 135 format to 4x5 inches sheet film. The Kodak Creo IQ Smart Scanner also service for reflective materials up to A3 original size. The Hasselblad H3D-II is for capturing the fine arts original.

Photobook - Photo Album

Memorized your digital photo to most proper coffee table books. The safety way to keep photo on Photobook. Since the digital media such as CDs, DVDs or hard drive sometimes cause problem. IQ LAB photobooks provide two systems books. The digital offset for magazine and books looks like and also the real photo to our Photobook Premium from our Durst Lambda. Start from small handy book to large prestige A3 size book. 


For retail graphics, display and some special jobs like interior decoration. IQ LAB Inkjet service our client for all kinds of Inkjet systems. The standard waterbase ink for tarditional retail graphic. The UV curable Flatbed Inkjet machine for special purpose print and the high quality large format Solvent Inkjet for outdoor display. 

Giclee Printarticle

Thailand's first digital lab concern on Finearts Printing. The Giclee Print on geneune Epson Ink and materials most archive and stability. Using Epson Stylus Pro 11880 large format printer up to 64 inches width and media. The nine colors ink tank produce finearts copy.

Digital Offset

Thailand's prior service beareau for On Demand Printing from electro-photography systems. The HP Indigo Systems. Finishing as leaflets, brochure, hand-out, booklets on request.

Special Occasions Printing

The special occasions printing material personalized print provided by IQ LAB. Greeting cards, Folding cards, birthday cards, and difference types personalized of your own Calendar.


Do the floating frame ( borderless frame ). Aluminium frame from standard fixed size to customs size. The printing materials mount on Geneune Canvas for lasting display. 


Mount your prints on your choices of difference materials. From foam core, Plasswood material to quality Dibond mount. The Aluminium Composite for one who prefers flatness and most impirtant, we use the heat  tissue bonding for archival purpose.

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