What size of the calendars do you have? Do you have a sample picture of them?

We have desktop calendars and a hanging-calendar.

  • Desktop Calendar size 6×8 inch 
    • vertical desktop calendar 13 pages and 25 pages printed on both side
    • horizontal desktop calendar 13 pages and 25 pages printed on both side
  • Desktop Calendar (horizontal) size 10×7 inch 25 pages printed on both side
  • Hanging-Calendar size A3 13 pages printed on both side

See samples and price list at www.iqlab.co.th or IG: iq_lab

Do you have any calendar templates?

Yes, we do. We can send you templates via email. You can also visit our storefront or see sample pictures of templates on social media.

Is it possible to print only 1 copy of the calendar? How many pictures do you need to do a calendar?

Yes, it is. We need a minimum of 12 pictures (one picture for one month).

What does the desktop calendar size 10x7 inch look like?

It is a horizontal desktop calendar.


Do you have a print test or color proof before real production?

Yes, we do.

How long does the production-lead time take after confirming the color proof?

It depends on how many pieces of print that you order. Normally, it takes around 2-3 days.

Is it possible to adjust the color after seeing the proof?

Yes, it is. However, if you adjust the color and finally cancel the print, we need to charge you thecost of the print test as the size we produce.

Is the color of the print will be the same as on the monitor?

Each screen has a different color/ brightness, so the file on the computer screen will not be exactly the same as on the print. However, our workflow is running on calibrated monitor.

Do I need to pay for the print test or color proof?

Normally, the color proof/ print test is free of charge for a maximum of 2 times. However,if you do only the print test but not continue printing, we will charge you the actual size of the test print.


Do you ship/delivery?

Yes, we do.

Which delivery channels do you have?

  • Lineman, Grab (price rate calculated from distance)
  • Kerry Express (price rate calculated from distance)
  • Thailand Post EMS (starts at 100 baht)

Can you deliver to another province?

Yes, we can deliver with the Thailand post that starts at 100 baht for a normal standard A4 size package.


Do you have templates for a birthday postcard?

No, we don’t. However, we can design for you or you can do it by yourself from the “Canva” application in a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

How many times can I edit the layout, if I let you design the photobook?

There is 2 times adjustment for the design fee 500 baht. If there are 3rd times adjustment and above, an extra fee of 500 baht will be applied.


Is there a minimum order for printing the food menu size A4 1 page?

No, there isn’t. One copy can be ordered because we are using the high-end digital printer.

How biggest leaflet/brochure can you print?

We have paper standard size of A3+ (13×19 inch or 48.3×33 cm). Printing area will be 47.3×32 cm. However, we can print on the banner paper in which the longest size is at 120 cm with printing area 118 cm with fix width of 32 cm.

How much does the label sticker with the die-cutting cost? Do you have a minimum order?

There is no minimum order. However, you need to order at least 1 page of A3 paper. The price will be calculated from the Square Centimeter of each label (0.10 baht per sq.cm.). The amount of the labels on one paper depends on the size of the label.

What kind of paper do you recommend for postcard printing? How much? Is there a minimum order? Can you do add a white border to the postcards?

We recommend paper with a thickness of 250 gsm or above. The postcard size 15×10 cm will cost 15 baht/pc. The minimum order is 20 copies. We can do the white border. (Please include 3 mm bleeding in the artwork

Can you print an invitation card with variable data of the receiver name? How to prepare the file?

Yes, we can. You can send us the table of Microsoft Excel file for the name lists.

Is there a Green read paper? What is the thinnest paper do you have?

We have uncoated paper 80 gsm and 100 gsm. We also have Green read paper 65 gsm.

What special colors can you print?

  • Silver Metallic
  • Gold Metallic
  • Other Metallic Color
  • Clear Ink
  • White Ink

Can you print diaries?

Yes, we can. We recommend Green Read Paper for printing diaries.

Can you print a certificate?

Yes, we can. You can choose the paper as you wish. The variable data printing/Personalized Printing is acceptable.

Do you do a bookmark with a die-cutting edge?

Yes, we do. However, the die-cutting spot should not be too narrow or too spikey.

How biggest can you print the brochure with coated paper? Do you have a minimum order?

We can print brochures/leaflets on the banner paper as big as 120 cm. The printing area is at 118 cm with fix width of 32 cm. No minimum order. The standard A3 size is popular.


Do you sell films?

No, we don’t sell either photographic or movie films.

What kind of films do you develop?

We develop only black and white films in every size but not Chromogenic (C-41 process black & white film) such as Ilford XP-1, Agfa Vario XL.

What is the lead time of film processing? Do you scan also?

We develop films every day. If you only develop films, you can pick up on the next day. If you develop and scan, it will take 2 days to proceed.

What is the price of the film develop and scan?

Film format 135 costs 490 baht per roll (*not included 7%vat)

See price list www.iqlab.co.th> Price List >B&W film Develop

Can you develop and print from films?

Yes, we can. We develop only black and white but we print from any kind of films (color film, black and white film, slide film)

Why don’t you develop C41 for color negative film anymore?

Because the photographic film has declined. The machine is quite big and consumes a lot of chemicals, so it is hard to control quality.

Is the price difference between printing from color negative film and black and white film?

No, it is not. The price of printing from any films is equal. The black and white printing are on chromogenic process color paper not the real black and white paper.

Can you develop film, scan and send files via email?

Yes, we can. If you only develop, we can send the film back by post. If you develop and/or scan, we can send you files via email.

Can you scan color negative films?

Yes, we can. Scanning 135 negative film costs 350 baht per roll. (*not included 7%vat)

See price list www.iqlab.co.th> B&W film Develop

Can I send you a film to develop from another province/ country?

Yes, you can. Please send it to our address…

9/32-34 Sukhumvit 63, Tana Arcade, Wattana 10110

Tel. 02-714-0644

We will send the developed film back per post.

How much does the film developing+scanning+contact sheet cost?

Film format 135 costs 590 baht* per roll. (*not included 7%vat)

See price list www.iqlab.co.th>Price List >B&W film Develop

Do you process/develop slide (transparency) film?

No, we don’t. But we do scan from slide as well.

Can you develop films from a disposable camera?

If it is a black and white film, we can develop.

Can you scan film high quality and print on archival canvas?

Yes, we can.


Is the price of print enlargement including frame?

No, the price is separated. We have a framing service too. You can order a frame together with your prints.

Do you sell frames? Can you do the framing? How long does it take to print and frame?

We do print service with custom-made frame. You can bring the prints to frame with us. It takes around 4-5 days.

What kind of frames do you have? Do you have a framing catalog?

We have a wooden frame, aluminum frame, floating frame and mounting without border. 

See sample in the catalog at www.iqlab.co.th > Sample Material

Can you do the floating frame?

Yes, we can.

Can you do the wooden frame? What kind of color do you have?

Yes, we can. We have bright, middle-tone color and dark genuine teak wood. We also have other materials on white, black,etc.

See sample in the catalog at www.iqlab.co.th > Sample Material

Can you do the white passe-partout frame?

Yes, we can. We have white, off-white and black passe-partout frames.

What kind of floating frame do you have?

We have the floating frame and mounting onto materials like foam board, Dibond (aluminum composite), aluminum, plastwood or facemount.

If I want my print framed, how should I prepare the file? Should I leave the white border or save the file to full-size I want?

The file should be at the actual size you want at RGB color mode, resolution 300 dpi. It can be JPG or TIFF.


What is a Giclée Print?

Giclée Print is a high-quality printing with archival pigment ink. It is a kind of fine art reproduction. The present name is “Archival Pigment Ink Print”.

What Kind of material suits for Giclée Print/ Fine Art Print/ Digital painting?

There are 6 groups of materials suits for Giclée Print.

  • Enhance Matte Paper – smooth and matte surface like drawing paper suits for hand-drawn, portrait, or charcoal artwork. Many photographers love this paper.
  • Texture Fine Art Paper – rough surface like watercolor paper.
  • Ultra-Smooth Fine Art Paper – smooth and matte surface similar to Enhance Matte Paper but thicker and higher Definity than the Enhance Matte Paper.
  • Photo Rag Baryta – like matte photographic paper. It suits for photographs both color and black&white photos.
  • Canvas (matt/gloss) – suits for oil painting or acrylic painting.
  • Silk texture matt coated paper– the canvas-like texture on the surface. But it is paper.

Is the Giclée Print durable?

Yes, it is. The Giclée Prints are printed with archival pigment ink which can be remained for many decades or centuries according to the report from Wilhelm imaging research.

Archival Pigment Ink Print คืออะไร?

เป็นอีกชื่อของงานพิมพ์ Giclée Print พิมพ์ได้ทั้งกระดาษ และผ้าใบ (แคนวาส)

What is Archival Pigment Ink Printing?

Another name of the Giclée Print that can be printed on canvas or fine arts paper.

What kind of ink used in Giclée Print?

Genuine Archival Pigment Ink from the printing machine manufacturer that makes artwork last for many decades or centuries.

What kind/ size of canvas do you have? How much is the price?

  1. Canvas gloss
  2. Canvas matte

See the price list at www.iqlab.co.th> Price List > Archival Pigment Ink (Giclée)

How big can you do the Giclée Print/ Fine art reproduction?

It depends on the material. The maximum width size of the printer is 150 cm.

Can the acrylic color or oil color be painted on the Giclée Print?


What does the texture of each material look like? How many thicknesses do you have?

  1. Enhance Matte Paper (230 gsm) – smooth and matte surface like drawing paper suits for hand-drawn, portrait, or charcoal artwork. Many photographers love this paper.
  2. Texture Fine Art Paper (315 gsm) – rough surface like watercolor paper.
  3. Ultra-Smooth Fine Art Paper (305 gsm) – smooth and matte surface similar to Enhance Matte paper but thicker than the Enhance Matte Paper.
  4. Photo Rag Baryta (315 gsm) – like matte photographic paper. It suits for photographs and black&white photos.
  5. Canvas (matt 375 gsm/gloss 420 gsm) – suits for oil painting or acrylic painting.
  6. Silk texture matt coated paper (230 gsm) – the canvas-like texture on the surface, the backside is like paper.

See sample material at www.iqlab.co.th/ Sample Material/ Giclée

Is the Giclée Print waterproof?

Archival Pigment Ink is waterproof. However, the Giclée print should not contact directly to water for a long time.

If there is a fingerprint on the print, how can it be cleaned?

If it is a Lambda Print (Photographic Paper), you can wipe with damp cotton fabric. Then dry it with a hairdryer. If it is a non-laminated Giclée Print. It should not be wiped with anything. The non-laminated Giclée Print should be carefully handled by wearing gloves when touching.

How can we take care of the Giclée Print?

Keep at room temperature. Be careful not to scratch the surface.

How much does the Giclée Print on the Enhance Matte Paper size A3, A2, A1 cost?

*A3 (11.7×16.5 inches) = 500 baht.

*A2 (16.5×23.4 inches) = 700 baht.

*A1 (23.4×33.1 inch) = 1,600 baht.

(*not included 7%vat)

See Price List at www.iqlab.co.th> Archival Pigment Ink Print (Giclée)  

Is there any discount on multiple prints of posters size A2, A1, A0?

Let us know the amount first then we will quote you the special price later.

Can you frame the canvas? How much does it cost?

Yes, we can frame the canvas with horizontal (0.5-inch depth) and vertical wood (1-inch depth). The price depends on the size of the frame.

Do you have custom size for Fine Art Printing besides the price list?

Yes, we can do a custom size. The size can be printed at 150cm maximum width. The price will be calculated from the standard price list.

Which printer do you use for Fine Art Printing?

EPSON Surecolor P20070

What size can be printed on the Hahnemühle paper?

We can do almost every size of printing. The maximum width of the Hahnemühle paper is 110 cm.

Why the printed artwork is bent?

Because the roll media is used for the printer. It takes a bit of time for the paper to loosen. We suggest mounting on flat rigid material.

If I have project for solo exhibition, can you offer discount?

Yes, we can. Please contact us at [email protected]


Which channels can I transfer the files?

You can send email to [email protected] or upload files via WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google drive then send link to [email protected] . If you have a big project, contact us for uploading to the IQ Lab server.

Is it possible to save files in flash drive and bring it to the storefront?

Yes, it is.

Can I place an order and send files via email?

Yes, you can. The attached files in the email should not exceed 10 MB.

Can I order via Line and send the files via email?

Yes, you can.

Can I send files via Line?

Yes, you can but the file quality will be deteriorating from the application. However, the setting of the photos should be “High quality” before sending us. For the best quality, we recommend sending the attached files via email or cloud services.

If I save the picture from the website, how biggest can you print?

Please send an email to us [email protected] and we will check the pixel dimension for quality printing.


Which file type do you need (JPG, TIFF, PDF)? How many resolutions do you need?

  • For normal printing or print enlargement, we need TIFF, JPG, sRGB or ADOBE RGB profile at 300 dpi.
  • For photobook printing, we need PDF X4-2008 with bleeding 3mm. You can also send the original file (PSD, AI, INDD) with link files.

10.2 What information do you need when ordering?

Name-Surname, address, telephone number and email.

What information do you need when ordering a photobook?

  • how many photos/ pictures for the book (we suggest maximum 4 images per pages’ average)
  • the size of the photobook you want.
  • how many pages.
  • hardcover or softcover.
  • binding options (popular is perfect binding/ lay-flat or premium)
  • laminate options (gloss, matte)

10.4 Do you keep files after printing?

We usually keep the client’s files for 1 month for re-ordering reason.

How can I be confident that my photos/ files will not publish or leak from you?

We run the business since 1986. The 33 years guarantee our honesty and trust.


What time are you opened and closed? How many locations do you have? Is it near BTS Skytrain?

Our opening hour is Mon-Fri 8.30-18.00, Sat 8.30-12.00. We are closed on Sunday and public holidays.

We have 2 branches

  • Silom branch (get off at BTS Chongnonsi exit 4 and walk around 10 minutes.)
  • Ekamai branch (get off at BTS Ekamai exit 1 and walk around 5 minutes.)

What is your contact number?

Silom branch number is 02-2664080, Ekamai branch number is 02-7140644

Is there any parking available at your shop?

Yes, there is. Visiting the Silom branch, you can park in the ITF building parking lot. Visiting the Ekamai branch, you can park at the parking lot in front of our shop.

Are you opened on weekends?

Our opening hour is Mon-Fri 8.30-18.00, Sat 8.30-12.00. We are closed on Sunday and public holidays.


Do you have a certification that it is a quality printing from IQ Lab?

We can certify the Giclée print with archival pigment ink by request. (There is a certification cost applied.)

How do you pack if the printing is large?

  • If it can be rolled we will roll the printing in the tube. (no extra charge)
  • If it cannot be rolled tightly, we will roll it loosen and put it in the box. (no extra charge)
  • If it cannot be rolled, we will pack with cardboard. There will be a material fee for packing with recycle cardboard or rigid material that costs 0.25 baht/sq. Inch.


How much should I pay a deposit?

Deposit 50% when you order.

Do you have a special discount for students?

Yes, this is our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy. We have a 50% discount for students. The student ID card should be presented for a discount.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we do accept debit, credit card visa and MasterCard with no charge.

Do you have any discount promotions?

Yes, we have. Please search Google “IQ LAB or IQ Silom” then review us and give 5 stars. You will get a 5% discount.

Can I pay when picking up?

We need a 50% deposit when ordering. The rest of the 50% you can pay when picking up or delivery.

Can I transfer the money?

Yes, you can. Please transfer to Bank Account Image Quality Lab Co., Ltd. to Kasikorn Bank. Account number 0591051830. Then please send us the receipt after the transfer.

I am working for my company. If I order a job, can we withhold the withholding tax?

Yes, you can do a withholding tax. on the cost of the job’s 3% before VAT. Minimum 1,000 Baht purchases as regulation from the tax revenue office. Please bring the withholding tax paper with you when you pick up your jobs.

Can I have a tax invoice with a receipt?

Yes, we do. Please give us your company registration details included 13 digits tax ID.

I am tourist, can I get VAT refund for tourist on the jobs we order?

The Tax revenue office allow VAT refund for tourist only the products sold in Thailand that value above 1,000 Baht.  We do service such as printing, so the VAT refund is not possible.


Can I order a photo book online? (via Facebook, Instagram, Line or email)

Yes, you can. The process is like ordering normal printing. You can send us your files to [email protected] and deposit 50%.

How long does it take to do a photobook if I have a ready-to-print file?

The lead time takes 3-4 days.

Is there a minimum amount for photobook printing?

No, there isn’t. If you order only 1 book, we can do that.

Do you have a special price, if I order multiple photo books?

Yes, we do. We will quote you before ordering.

What is the biggest size of photobook can you print?

A3 plus (13×18 inch or 48.3×33 cm).

Do you have a price list for a photo book?

See the price list at www.iqlab.co.th > Photobook

If I let you design the photobook, how many pictures do you need? How many pages? How much does it cost? How many times can I edit?

The minimum page starts at 48 pages, so pictures should not be less than 48 pictures. The design fee costs 500 baht (for 180 images and below) and 1,000 baht (for 180-400 images)with 2 times adjustment/ edit.

What is the process of making a photobook, if I send you files to design the book?

  • Choose front-and-back cover pictures.
  • Put the file number of the pictures in sequences you want.
  • If you have a reference or mood and tone, please hand into us on the ordering date.

Can you do the photobook that opens 180 degrees flat?

Yes, we can. There are premium photobooks or lay-flat binding photobook.

What kind of lay-flat photobook do you have?

There are premium photobooks that use photographic paper (gloss or matt lamination option) or lay-flat binding photobook that use coated paper with either matte or gloss laminate.

What kind of photobook cover do you have?

We have the hardcover, softcover, and textile surface hardcover photobook.

What kind of hardcover do you have?

  1. Glossy Laminated Hardcover
  2. Matte Laminated Hardcover
  3. Sand Surface Hardcover
  4. Textile Surface Hardcover

Can you do Smyth sewing photobook?

Yes, we can. The minimum order is 100 copies.

Can you do the custom size photobook or portfolio?

Yes, we can. Please check the price with the storefront by calling 027140644.

What are the minimum and maximum pages of a photobook?

Photobook starts with 48-112 pages. But it should not exceed 200 pages because it will be hard to open. However, if the pages are less than 48 pages, we recommend the lay-flat binding and use thicker paper.

Do you have an online platform to design photobooks by myself?

We can recommend the free application called “Canva” that will be accessible through smartphones, tablets or desktop computers. Then after finishing the design, please send us the PDF files.

Can I put texts in the photobook?

Yes, you can. You typewrite the texts for us and identify which text should be pair with which picture.

Do you have sample pictures of each photobook type?

Yes, we do. See the sample pictures at www.iqlab.co.th> Sample Material> Photobook

Do you have a special discount, if I have a ready-to-print file that I design by myself?

Yes, we have. Ready-to-print file photobook get 15% discount.


Can I send digital files to do print enlargement and collect them in 1 day?

It is possible. However, please check with the storefront by calling 027140644.

Is the price difference between printing from files and printing from films?

No, it isn’t. The price depends on the size you want to print.

*Size 3.5×5 inch = 5 baht

*Size 4×6 inch = 6 baht

*Size 5×7 inch = 30 baht

(*not included 7%vat)

See price list at www.iqlab.co.th>Price List >B&W Film Develop >Minilab + Handprint

Can you do the urgent print enlargement?

We need to know the amounts and sizes. Please call 027140644 in advance.

What size do you have for print enlargement for prewedding pictures?

We can do any sizes depends on your preference. Normally, the popular size is 20×30 inches and costs *1,300 baht. (*not included 7%vat) See price list at www.iqlab.co.th>Price List >Lambda Print

Do you have sample pictures of prewedding prints?

Yes, we do. Please see in our website or Instagram story (search iq_lab).

How much is the price for print enlargement size A1, A2, A3?

  • *Size A3 (11.7×16.5 inch) = 500 baht
  • *Size A2 (16.5×23.4 inch) = 1,000 baht
  • *Size A1 (23.4×33.1 inch) = 2,400 baht

(*not included 7%vat)

See price list at www.iqlab.co.th>Price List > Lambda Print

What kind of print enlargement size postcard (4x6 inch) do you have?

There are Frontier Fuji paper costs *6 Baht/pc., and Lambda print on Kodak paper costs *55 Baht/pc.(*not included 7%vat)

Which paper brand do you use for print enlargement? How big can you print?

The Fuji paper can do the biggest print at 10×15 inches. The Kodak Endura Paper can do the biggest print at the maximum width of 125 cm (50 inches) with unlimited length.

What Lambda Print differs from ordinary prints?

Because it is a premium laser printing machine from Durst Italy which gives sharpness and vivid precise color, deep dynamic range and smooth gradation on Kodak Endura Paper.

What kind of print do you recommend for the exhibition?

If they are photographs, we recommend Lambda Print. If they are fine arts reproduction, we recommend Giclée Print.

What kind of photographic paper do you have?

There are glossy and Lustre photographic paper.

How long do my prints archive?

We are using the KODAK ENDURA paper for Lambda print. This is the photographic print on RA4 chemical process. According to the KODAK Data sheet. It is archival and the light fastness as long as dark fading is 200 years on the appropriate storage/ display condition. On our archival pigment ink print are from our EPSON archival genuine ink. So, the prints are archival and the light fastness depends and varies from type of printing materials.


Do you print a sticker for shop decoration?

Yes, we do. We do print clear stickers, PVC stickers, and wallpaper.

Do you print large pictures to hang in the office?

Yes, we do. It is called “gallery print”, printing directly on clear acrylic with a hanging system. We also have other options for office printing display.

How much does a Backlit for lightbox printing cost?

There are two options of backlit printing. Backlit printing with eco-solvent pigment cost 1,600 baht/Sq.Meter. Backlit printing with UV inkjet cost 2,400 baht/Sq. Meter If there are a lot amount of orders or big project, we will quote you a special price.


What is Gold print? What kind of material do you use? How much does it cost? How long is the lead time?

The gold print is printing on gold aluminum composite with a thickness of 4 mm. The price is 7,600 baht/Sq. Meter included white ink. The lead time of Gold print is around 2 days.

Do you have promotion price for gold print?

Yes. We do have promotion gold print on A4 size according to each season or festival. Please follow our social media (IG: iq_lab, Line: IQLAB, Facebook: IQLAB)

How much does the large format printing on dibond (aluminum composite) cost? How long is the lead time?

The price is 6,800 baht/sq. Meter. If there is white ink underlay, the price will be 800 baht/Sq. Meter additionally. The lead time is around 3 days.

Will the picture look yellow when printing on gold aluminum composite?

Yes, it will because the material color is gold-yellowish. So, the picture tone will be yellow too. However, the white ink underlay will help the picture to be a normal tone as printing on the white paper. The white ink can also be underlying at a specific spot.

How can I prepare the file for the Gold print?

You can prepare files like printing normal pictures. We need the actual size that you want to print, file format TIFF, JPG file/ sRGB or ADOBE RGB profile at 300 dpi.

Can you print on clear film or glass?

Yes, we can.

Can you print on non-tearable paper?

Yes, we can. The non-tearable paper called YUPO and LIMEX.

Can you print on fabric? Do I need to bring my material?

Yes, we can print on fabric. We have flex fabric backlit and blackback fabric. Clients can bring own fabric as long as the edge is sharp and no hair.

What is the thickest material can you print?

The material thickness should not exceed 5 cm and the material have to be 100% flat. The curling materials can damage the print head.

How much is the price printing on Acrylic (Gallery Print) size A3, A2, A1?

  • *Size A3 (11.7×16.5 inch) = 690 baht
  • *Size A2 (16.5×23.4 inch) = 1,730 baht
  • *Size A1 (23.4×33.1 inch) = 4,320 baht

(*not included 7%vat)
See price list at www.iqlab.co.th> Price List > Inkjet >Print only-opaque. Material cost > Finishing.

Can you print lenticular 3D?

Yes, we can. However, we need to source the lenticular lens by order to fit your requirement.

Can you print custom size/ made to order?

Yes, we can.

Can you print with UV inkjet?

Yes, we can print up to 320 cm width on roll media or 120×240 cm on flat rigid material.

Can you print on wood size A3, A2, A1?

Yes, we can. The surface of the wood should be flat, not bent or curling. (Client brings own material*) Printing costs 2,000 Baht/Sq. Meter.

  1. *Size A3 (11.7×16.5 inch) = 250 baht.
  2. *Size A2 (16.5×23.4 inch) = 500 baht.
  3. *Size A1 (23.4×33.1 inch) = 1,050 baht.

(*not included 7%vat)

See price list at www.iqlab.co.th> Price List > Inkjet >Print only-opaque.

What kind of printing do you recommend for a birthday gift?

Gold Print size A4.

Can you print translucent film for display like fast-food menu board?

Yes, we do either on Kodak Duratrans or Inkjet backlit.

What is the difference from Kodak Duratrans and Inkjet backlit.?

The Kodak Duratrans is printed from DURST Lambda. It is the systems like photographic film but printed from laser beam to the materials that needed to process on RA4. Good dynamic range, good gradation and deep density. So, the light from light box can penetrate as good dispersion for evenness viewing. The Kodak Duratrans is Kodak Endura materials. So, it is last longer display. The backlit is from inkjet. The images can display last long depend on the type of ink.

There is another printing system for backlit display call backlit Fabric. This is good for GIANT size display since the materials size is big as 3.20-meter width for unlimited print length. This kind of Fabric backlit is coming popular.

Do you do light box? Can I order customs size?

Yes, we do lightbox using high quality LED light. It is environmentally friendly because less consume power, less heat but smooth and bright light. Our client experienced as  large as 15-meter x 1.5-meter light box in one-piece display print on backlit fabric.

what is the advantage between backlit fabric and backlit film (or Duratrans)?

The backlit fabric is the new trend in retail shop display and also in department store. Because it can print as big as 3.2-meter width by unlimited length. The fabric is fit tight on the light box frame without acrylic requirement in the front. So, there is no any joint irritate the image.  While the backlit film or Duratrans still need light box with 2 pieces of acrylic sandwich on for holding the film.


How long does it take to do the print enlargement?

It takes around 2-3 days, depends on how many pieces of print you order.

How long does it take to develop and scan black and white films?

It takes around 3 days. The price of both develop and scan is 490 baht* (*not included 7%vat)

See price list at www.iqlab.co.th>Price List >B&W Film Develop

How long does it take to do the photobook?

If the file is ready to print, it will take around 4 days of production. If you let us design the photobook, it will take around 7-10 days.

Can I wait for my print after ordering?

It depends on the queue of the machine. You can ask at the front reception.

Can you do a rush print?

Yes, we can. But please check with us directly by calling at 027140644.


Can you add sharpness when retouching?

We need to see the original picture first and we will tell you how much can we work on that.

Can you restore/retouch the old picture to be like the new one?

Yes, we can if the original has some details.


How do you charge for scanning the painting and then print it out?

Scanning and printing fee depends on the size you want to print.

What resolution do you scan the black and white film?

Resolution 300dpi. It is good enough for ordinary print.

Can you scan glass plate negative?

Yes, we can. The price will be charged depends on the size you want in Megabyte. The standard price is 10 baht/ MB.

Do you scan old pictures and retouch them?

Yes, we do. The standard price is 10 baht/ MB. We will adjust the color tone and density. However, if you want to retouch, we will quote the price first because it will depend on the detail of the picture.

Can you scan the painting size A2 or bigger?

If the original artwork is in size A2 or bigger, we will use the process “Digital Capture”. The file will be as big as 120 MB.


Can you do the Spot UV varnish? How much does the Spot UV varnish cost?

A3 size costs 120 baht/sheet*. If exceeding 1 square meter, it will cost 800 baht/sq. Meter*.(*not included 7%vat)

Can you do a box or packaging? What information do you need?

We need full size (unfold size), paper type, the thickness of paper and lamination option. It would be better if you have dummies or a mock-up box as a sample.

Can you do Spot UV on brochure size A3?

Yes, we can. However, it is a digital spot UV clear not high gloss Spot UV inkjet.

Can you do High Gloss Spot UV?

Yes, we can do the High Gloss Spot UV form inkjet.

Can you do the die-cut in Photobook?

Yes, we can do for individual page die-cut but not the whole book. The die-cutting area should not be too small or spikey. We will check and inform you after receiving the file. There will be an additional cost for die-cutting.

Is it possible to insert a special page of paper/material in the photobook?

Yes, it is. For example, it is possible to insert the material that thinner than the inside pages like a clear film or tracing paper. Please recheck at the storefront again on the ordering date. Or first check in our book-binding guide at www.iqlab.co.th> book-binding guide.

If I have a print that has been printed already, is it possible to do the high gloss Spot UV varnish?

Yes, it is. However, the registration will not be accurate as you wish.


How much does the print enlargement for the wedding size 20x30inch cost?

It costs 1,300 baht* (*not included 7%vat)

What is the price of prewedding photobook size A4, A3 48 pages?

Photobook A4 48 pages

  • *Softcover 1,400 baht
  • *Hardcover 2,200 baht
  • *lamination 3 bath/ page additionally
  • *lay-flat binding (open 180 degrees) 500 baht additionally

Photobook A3 48 pages

  1. *Softcover 3,100 baht
  2. *Hardcover 5,100 baht
  3. *lamination 5 bath/ page additionally
  4. *lay-flat binding (open 180 degrees) 1,000 baht additionally

(*not included 7%vat) Please check actual price at www.iqlab.co.th or by calling us 02-714-0644

I want to do the backdrop for a group photo of my wedding party. After my wedding ceremony, can I take this print back to my house for wall decoration?

Yes, you can. We suggest print on our special backdrop fabric. It is easy for set up on the panel. Since our material is 3.2-meter width. So, you can print up to any length you want. The materials also matte. That is reason why good for group photo backdrop because there is no reflection.

The backdrop I order. Can we set up on plywood panel?

Yes, usually the backdrop prints are on PVC sticker. That is the reason why most wedding couplers order PVC stickers to mount on the plywood panel. But after the wedding party. This backdrop cannot take it out from the panel as good condition. Mostly damage when party is over. IQLAB can offer new backdrop materials. It is fabric backdrop as width as 3.2-meter width. On your backdrop is one single piece without joint. If you have the plywood panel. You also can fix it to the panel easily by tape. After the party, you can take it home.  IQ LAB also has a backdrop frame structure for rental. Which make your life easier and you can take the backdrop home nicely for your home decoration.